Our mission

Luna Clara’s mission is to develop a skin care line that is specially formulated to nourish body and soul with Mother Nature’s all natural, organic and vegan ingredients. Our goal is to provide women and men a simple yet effective skin care treatment that will inspire them to consciously take care of their skin and health.

Our company is founded on the idea that beauty and health can be treated and should be treated from a cellular level. Instinctively we are rediscovering and using some of the most potent natural ingredients that our magnificent Earth has to offer us.

Furthermore, Luna Clara is revolutionizing the beauty industry by introducing the many anti-aging and health benefits of CBD; making it a prominent ingredient of our elite all natural and organic skin-care treatments and serums.

Our goal is to responsibly nurture your skin to health while inspiring humanity to join us in re-connecting as one to support and heal planet Earth.
Luna Clara is never tested on animals and we absolutely love the environment never taking shortcuts or saving money at her expense.